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Eight years, and going strong!

~ The Dusk Guard is a deeply rooted, and diverse organization, and community. It provides sanctuary for those loyal to the horde, and of many different practices, alignments, beliefs, and races. Training, and instruction in a great range of interests is offered to members of any class. A very broad, yet specific ranking system of both eldritch, and new orders designates those seeking their true potential. A system of which evolves with the members within each branch, new and old. Adapting to an ever changing Azeroth and beyond by focusing on, organizing, and bringing out the strengths within the members at the moment brings an almost autonomy to the guild. One which anyone with a strong enough will, intent, and charisma can quickly rise to lead their own sect, or even create one of their own within the guild.

The community itself was founded May 2nd of 2010 and is comprised of an also broad range of people, and personalities. Play styles, and experience. The growing core of the guild is of members from one to almost five years of loyalty, and kinsmanship. New members coming in daily; keeping the lifeblood, and ingenuity of the guild alive and well. A feeling of 'casual hardcore' is common within the guild, being there many time devoted and skilled players who are very passionate about their characters and play styles tempered with humility and mildness. Elitism of any kind is generally frowned upon, as it not only seems over compensating, but also is counter productive to a learning environment. This is without mistaking confidence, for arrogance however. The average age range seems to be 22-35, and our members have come from virtually every corner of the Moon Guard server among others. Expect a very diverse range of people in the guild, and not just one clique, or personality hierarchy.

What we have to offer, as well as our play style designation is versatile with equal parts PvE, RP, and light PvP. We have a casual, yet progressive raid team. Several weekly roleplaying events, some linear, some instructive, and many others. As well as openings for those wanting to run their own events, or storylines as well as members to attend, and help them evolve. A supportive and helpful community of many vanilla, and other experienced players who are active throughout the day and night. A live, and eclectic vent with people generally on day and night for provocative or humorous conversation. And finally, a constantly fluxing but yet stable guild that has held strong for almost five years with a loyal and fun community that embraces each other's eccentricities, and quirks.

Guild Banner: The purple setting sun upon a black backing is very symbolic. The final rays of the sun explosive in deep violet representing spirit, higher self, and clarity. The black backing giving grounding, and protection while instituting learning. Scientists, and magicians coexisting the same as warlocks, and paladins. Engineers, and forge masters. Peacekeepers, and warmongers. The only right in this transition of day into night is being true and proven to yourself. Whatever that might be. Many have come from both lives full of golden rays to get here, and others through a labyrinth of darkness and twisted paths. The Dusk Guard offers protection, grounding and learning while achieving and realizing one character's dream, and mastery.

**A new ranking system, and hierarchy is in the works right now. We'd be happy to have you join us during this evolutionary stage, and invite you to look over the rough draft of said system below if interested. The following information will be updated daily throughout this week.**

                                                           *** RANK CHANGES ***


Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out some of the recent changes upcoming within the guild :) The following ranks are but only a rough draft of the changes, but there's a few things I'd like to make clear before anyone looks over them. I'll be updating all of this, including the guild info a little each day of this week. Most of the ranks, though it may not imply so in the rough explanations, have been hybridized and thought out to be able to accomodate PvE, RP, and PvP players. It will be clear once the sub ranks and sections are done, and the descriptions are finalized. The idea here is to have a clear ascention and progression of ranks for members to move up through at their own leisure and interest. Also, the new placing of the Progenitors is for those within that rank and who've been around for some time to once again be able to progress and achieve promotions relative to how much they wish to accomplish and achieve within the guild.

Each of these ranks will be in charge of training the one below them as well, which I hope will help to integrate members a bit better and will work similar to a buddy system once we begin recruiting once more. There will be a primary triad of polarity with each rank that will balance Military / Science and Spirit  / Trade as well, so if your character is a trader, guard, occultist, or scientist and everything in between you'll have a place :)
Again; I'll be working on this new system a bit each day this week, so keep an eye out for updates!

~ Fall


Aspirant:  A probationary rank for new members. Introductory rank that all new members initially get placed in to have their skills and abilities assessed. Following good behavior, and attitude, members will automatically be ranked up to Kindred after a period of no shorter then two weeks.
Requirements - Must have application for membership filed on the guild website

Sabbatical: Members that have been offline for 6 or more months, and whom are inactive. Also, a perkless rank for anyone on suspension or suspicion of being hacked.

:  Full fledged member of the guild. A member who's been integrated into the guild community. This is the basic guild member rank.

Auxiliary: For those interested in providing additional support for the guild and organization as a whole. This is the entry level position for those joining the guild's hierarchy, and are responsible for training kindred members to become the same. ***This rank is also designated for diplomats from other organizations, and guilds.*** 

Progenitor:  Progenitors are some of the most veteran guild members. Default officers by tenure, but without the exact and specific responsibilities of other officer ranks. Progenitors have proven their loyalty, love, and intention within the guild over a long period of time and the rank itself is a nod to their investments.

Executor:  Members who are able to lead and execute not only decisions of their own, but those of the ruling body of the guild. Leaders, and controllers who are able and willing to undertake large group projects, and guild events. Those who are willing to oversee guild events, enforce rules, and maintain guild well being. Executors are responsible also for the training of Auxiliaries interested in becoming an Exec themselves.

Preceptor: The teachers and instructors of guild. After doing, leading and enforcing for so long they are now able and willing to teach. Preceptors are part of the pinnacle of the guild's hierarchy in that they will be responsible for the training and overseeing of all the ranks below them including Executors wanting to attain this rank.

Cadre: The ' Secret Service ' of the guild includes everything from hidden groups of assassins, esoteric gatherings of scientists, to the infamous Maleficarum. There will be several sub groups to this rank, most of which will be serving as the hands of the Medjai, as the Medjai themselves are hands of the Vizier. Many secrets will be held within the sects of the Cadre, and only the most loyal, and dedicated will find themselves among them.

Anima: The Anima is the ' Animating Principle ' or soul of the guild. They are the guild's council, and co gms. The most trusted, and capable officers in a large variety of ways and means. Ideally they are role models, and generals of the guild of which are trusted to take control of the guild should the Conductor be gone.

Conductor: The acting leader and director of the guild, and her organization. Le Maestro ~ 

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